Friday, March 27, 2009

Will the Real The Saxon Queen Please Stand

As the Rothschild boys vie for their father's favor and with each other for the plum assignment of being posted in England they try to outdo each other with their wealth of knowledge

Jacob: Poppa-please-ask me anything about England I know it all!
Mayer: Who was the Saxon Queen who led the uprising against the Romans
Kalman: Bodecia!

The real Saxon Queen is known by many names but as Will said, "a rose still a rose..." She was known by the Romans as Boudicca, medieval monks called her Boadicea, but most know her as Boudica.

A tall woman with red hair down to her hips, with a harsh voice and piercing glare she was from the aristocratic Brittannie Icenic tribe whose woman fought alongside the men.

Boudica had her thorny side. She married Prasutugus the King of present day Norfolk, England. Roman law only allowed inheritance through the male line. But upon his death Prasutugus tried to preserve his line through his daughters by leaving them his land. The Romans confiscated the land and treated the nobles like slaves.

Boudica complained and when she did she was publicly flogged and fthen forced to watch as her daughters were raped. Boudica became the leader of a violent uprising against the Romans that ultimately failed. "According to one report almost 80,000 Britons fell compared to 400 Romans" in the battle. According to Tacitus, the most important Roman historian of the time, Boudica poisoned herself rather than be taken prisoner.

It is interesting to note that Mayer Rothschild stipulated in his will that only the men, and only Rothschild men, could inherit .

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