Tuesday, March 3, 2009

If I Were a Rothschild

Sound familiar?


What? It's "If I Were a Rich Man" you say?

Actually, the name of the Aleichem story on which Fiddler is based was entitled "If I Were a Rothschild!"

The Rothschild name is still associated today with extreme wealth around the world and particularly in Israel.

In the Hebrew language the title of this song is 'lu ha'yiti Rothschild meaning " If I Were a Rothschild." Ven ich bin a Rothschild is it's Yiddish title.

So really, the signature song and opening number known to many and sung (biddy biddy bim) by many, really is "If I Were A Rothschild"


Moon_muse said...

Seriously? Or are you teasing? I'm I'm curious.

Jane said...