Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

Find out in the commentary track of The Rothschilds. Tomorrow Rich, Doak, Joe and I will be talking about the things we were thinking, or not, as the video plays through. Matt Ottinger has graciously agreed to host us at his studio, produce the DVD and make it available to you free of charge! What a guy!!! Thank you Matt. We did this for 1776 and had such a blast.

Hear! Hear!

Congratulations to The Rothschilds' Barney Winners:

Colleen Bethea....Best Lead Actress in a Musical,
Joe Baumann...Best Supporting Actor in a Musical,
Scott Larson, Simon Tower, Joe Baumann, Logan Emlet, Danny Bethea...Best Ensemble
Mary K Hodges Nees...Best Costumes
Ray and Melody Kurtis...Properties

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Twinkling High in the Theatre Sky A Newly Risen Star"

Congratulations to this years Thespie winners from the cast of the Rothschilds;

Doak Bloss Best Lead Actor in a Musical
Joe Baumann Best Supporting Actor in a Musical
Mary K Nees-Hodges Best Costumes
Dan Moore Best Hairstyles and Wigs
Joel Reynolds, Dominic Redman, Nic Roberts, Lexie Roberts: Outstanding Child Actor: Ensemble of The Rothschilds
Jane Falion Best Director of a Musical

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Drink of the Gods

Today, the name Rothschild is synonymous with the best wine in the world.

In an early scene of the musical Young Nathan sells a 6 bottles of Rothschild's own red wine to a customer with the sales pitch, "This is wine! Take a little sip, give your mouth a holiday."

A little literary license used here since Rothschilds didn't get into the wine business for another 35 years.

"In 1853 Nathaniel de Rothschild purchased Château Brane Mouton and renamed it Château Mouton Rothschild.

Not to be outdone by his son-in-law, in 1868, Baron James secured the neighbouring Château Lafite, one of the four great premier grand cru estates of France. It was the ultimate statement of Frenchness for James, born 76 years before in the Frankfurt ghetto. Having achieved it, he died within weeks.

Château Lafite Carving of Bacchus Château Mouton Rothschild

A friendly rivalry has always existed between these two estates. In the 1920s Philippe de Rothschild, great-grandson of Nathaniel, took on the management of Mouton. He brought with him a new vigour and imaginative innovations. In 1973, Mouton joined Lafite as a premier grand cru, two of the world's finest wines side by side on the slopes of Pauillac. "

The wine bottles are distinguished by the many world renowned artists whose work has graced the Rothschild wines since 1924.

Rothschilds Opens

A month ago I used this space plug a jewelry show I had squeezed into my all consuming Rothschild rehearsal schedule and I am embarrassed to discover that it was also my last post about the show.

At this point the show has opened! And what a show it is. A sweeping, glorious magnificant epic tale of an extraordinary family. 10 weeks of rehearsal, 30 cast members, 29 crew, 1 sparkling, magnificant crystal chandelier, 1 intrepid costumer and 10 assistants and 90 costumes later the Rothschilds burst onto the stage at Riverwalk in a grand way.

Audiences and reviewers have been enthusiastic in their praise. Come see what the buzz is all about this upcoming weekend at Riverwalk Theatre


JUNE 11-14

7 pm Thursday, 8 pm Friday and Saturday, 2 pm Sunday
TICKETS AT 482-5700

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

People in High Places

Karl Buderus, aide to Prince William was the link that Mayer needed to connect him to the Prince's business ventures. Buderus began his career as a tutor to William's illegitimate son by Dorothea Ritter. He moved up into through the financial operations of the Prince and at 33 was appointed to the prestigious post in the War Chest.

The first sign of tacit cooperation between Buderus and Rothschild was in 1794 when Buderus recommended that Mayer be allowed to join five other financiers in bidding for the sale of some English bills.

Unfortunately,the recommendation was ignored but in 1796 Buderus tipped off Mayer that he should offer some bonds to the War Chest at a lower price than the other two financiers. That relatively small sale gave Mayer a foothold into William's vast holdings. In the years following Mayer steadily increased his share of William's investment business. He was involved in as many as 11 major loans, purchased real estate for the Prince, and continued to supply him with the medals for his precious medal collection.

During the French occupation Buderus made the hazardous trip through French lines to successfully smuggle out bonds held by William.

In addition to the bonds left to Mayer, William himself smuggled out chests of valuables; 24 chests of securities, coupons, silver and clothes were hidden under the staircase in the north wing of his castle, 24 more stuffed with the War Chest papers were concealed in another part of Wilhelmshohe, in the cellar of a nearby building another 24 chests held more papers, porcelain, and clothing, two friends secured another 29 chests. Finally, at his hunting lodge, William hid 47 chests of silverware.

Buderus and Mayer continued their friendship and business partnership throughout their lives.