Friday, April 18, 2008

Scripts and Music

Perusal scripts and vocal selections may be checked out from Riverwalk Theatre.
Please call the theatre ahead of time so Mike can tell you the availability of materials.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Cast


14 Men, 6 Women, 5 Boys

Mayer Rothschild- a man of honor and commitment; devoted husband and father (35-50)

Prince William/Fouche/Herries/Prince Metternich-Prince/Napolean's Minister of Police/ Chancellor of His Majesty's Exchequer/Leader of the crowned Heads of Europe ( 30-55) One actor plays all 4 roles

Gutele-devoted wife of Mayer; mother of 5 sons (30-40)

Young sons- Amshel (14)-sensitive and quiet; Solomon (13)-family know-it-all; Nathan (12)-headstrong and good businessman Jacob (8) -the dreamer; Kalman-the baby of the family but only appears as an adult

Rothschild Sons (Adults) Amshel (30); Solomon (29); Nathan (28); Jacob (24); Kalman (16)

Budurus-aide to Prince William

Hannah-strong willed young woman, fights against injustice, wife of Nathan (20's)

Mrs. Kaufman-customer in Mayer's shop, member of ensemble, multiple roles

Mrs. Segal-customer in Mayer's shop, member of ensemble, multiple roles

Blum-customer in Mayer's shop, member of ensemble, multiple roles

ENSEMBLE- The male and female ensemble consists of several named characters above as well as:

Guard, Bankers, Urchins, Brokers, Vendors, Grenadiers, General, Couriers, Pauper, Skeptic, Members of the Hessian Court, Members of the Austrian Court, People of Frankfort, Crowned Heads of Europe.

Ensemble members will play multiple roles.

The Story

The Rothschild's is Europes most famous rags to riches story. Mayer Rothschild and his five sons struggle to overcome the prejudice of the late 18th century European society as they build a family banking business which takes them to the courts of the rich and powerful. Along the way they dominate European finances and help fund Napolean's defeat. They built a banking and family dynasty.

For a the detailed plot and show information go to

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Rothschilds

Yahoo!!! The Riverwalk Board of Directors has accepted my proposal to direct the musical the Rothschilds. This is a show I have wanted to do for almost 20 years and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity.

This blog will be dedicated to information about the show, auditions, rehearsals, and the production.

My goal is to offer information early on to assist actors in preparation for the musical.

Auditions are almost a year away so the posts on this blog will not be updated as frequently as my other blogs but I will start providing information to those interested in auditioning.